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Lets Talk Sweet Itch!

During my work schooling, treating and buying horses I have come across many helpless owners with itchy horses!

Sweet itch is quite a common condition in horses that usually occurs during spring and summer due to allergies and ectoparasites. That being said it can be present all year round in some horses.

It is a condition that can be helped by numerous products on the market, of which I have tried many!

Spotting sweet itch:

Itching and rubbing, usually of the mane and tail

Broken skin, usually mane and tail

Bald patches, usually mane and tail

The symptoms of sweet itch can be very irritable and painful for horses and can also appear on other areas of the horse, particularly the legs and belly.

I myself have owned and cared for many horses with sweet itch, trying all the tricks in the book to help soothe my horses of this awful condition. The worst case I have experienced was a lovely welsh type pony, given to me by a responsible lady who was aware she did not have the time or experience this pony needed.

Unfortunately the pony had suffered from sweet itch all spring with no intervention. She had large lumps of scabs, no tail over her dock, and sores. It was really upsetting to see and quite clear the pony was uncomfortable.

A friend of mine, very experienced in all walks of the equestrian industry recommended I try her with Neem Oil. If you know what this is, you will understand how repulsed I was by the smell!

But Oh My God did it work! The moment that oil touched her tail, her whole body relaxed. Her top lip stood to attention as she relished in the instant relief and I was nearly brought to tears seeing her reaction.

After applying neem oil twice a day for a week you could see huge improvement In the condition of her skin. Neem oil naturally moisturises and soothes. It also provides a barrier for stimulants of sweet itch.

If you, like myself, have tried and tried with endless products and lotions and potions - give this a go! I am so pleased with the results and would love to hear your stories.

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