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How do I measure distances for poles and jumps?

Common questions from clients are; how far apart do i need my trot poles? How do I measure my canter poles? How long is a one stride double? When training at home over poles and jumps these are pretty important questions and valuable information to have. I have decided to write a short blog to answer all these questions in one place!

welsh D trotting poles little glengyre
wizard our welsh D working over trotting poles

Trotting poles

Distance for trotting poles for an average 15.2hh horse is 4ft6inches/1.4m, this can be measures by stepping heal to toe - 4 boots between each pole. You should always have a minimum of three poles in use as trotting pole as to avoid confusing the horse into jumping them.

Canter poles

Distance for canter pole for an average 15.2hh horse 9ft/2.7m. This distance can also be used for a placing pole into a fence. This can be measures by taking three steps between poles.

One stride double (trot approach)

When approaching a double in trot it is important to have the correct distance due to the closer landing, the distance for trot is shorter than a canter approach - 18ft/5.4m. This can be measured as five strides.

One stride double (canter approach)

A one stride double for a canter approach is set out at 21ft/6.4m for an average 15.2hh horse. The distance for a double in a competition is 24ft/9.1m.

Two stride double (trot approach)

The distance for a two stride double from an trot approach is 30ft/9.1m. This can be measured with 9 strides.

Two stride double (canter approach)

The distance for an average 15.2hh is 33ft/10m and the competition distance is 45ft/13.7m. This can be measured with 14 strides.

For ideas on exercises and DIY pole clinics. Please follow our blog!

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