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Carrot stretches With Mini Horslyx

Carrot stretches are a fantastic addition to your horses routine, both for their physical healthy and their mental health.

Carrot stretches are a series of stretches that require your horse to concentrate and work for a treat. Their are three stretches to carry out on both the near side and off side as well and a bow stretch to finish.

The stretches are fantastic for improving balance, enhancing range of motion and allowing us to monitor our equine ability to stretch which in turn will help detect muscular issues that may occur.

As the name suggest these licks are usually carried out with the help of a tempting carrot. I have found it is much easier to hold a steady and effective stretch with the help of Mini Horslyx!

If you look at the image of this mare you can see the three stretch points; Girth, Flank, Hock.

Using the Mini Horslyx, ask your horse to bend their hear round to each stretch point and hold the stretch for 10 - 15 seconds.

It is important to carry out each stretch on both sides before moving onto the next stretch in order to correctly evaluate and compare each side.

1. Head to Near Side Girth 10 - 15 seconds

2. Head to Off Side Girth 10 -15 seconds

3. Head to Near Side Hock 10 - 15 seconds

4. Head to Off Side Hock 10 - 15 seconds

5. Head to Near Side Flanks 10 - 15 seconds

6. Head to Off Side Flanks 10 - 15 seconds

7. Head between fore legs 10 - 15 seconds

Repeat this routine 3 times in each session and carry out daily.

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