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A little bit of Lauren ....

I hope for this blog to be a place where I can share our yards story, our many funny moments and as much helpful information I can. To begin with though, here is a little insight into who I am, what I do and why I do it.

I started riding at 8 years old with my mum and my sister, I was fortunate enough to fall into the hands of a very experienced horse woman who not only taught me, but also inspired me. After my lessons and during my Saturdays at the yard helping, I watched in awe as this woman and her daughter worked with horses and I'd say by 10 years old I knew I wanted to spend my days with these amazing animals.

From riding lessons to owning my first pony to competitions, I adored every second of it and due to a lack of funds I found myself with many difficult ponies and horses. Its these horses I owe my career to.

MrFintastic, my now retired showjumper, my first love and my horse of a lifetime. We found Finley at a local cattle market. A tiny, bright orange 3 year old. Finley was the first horse I broke in, he was full of challenges and quirks and attitude and I loved it! He was the first horse I affiliated, again full of attitude and challenges - my fondest memory of our competition days is one of him deciding at fence 5 he had had enough, he protested by backing up to the post and rail arena fence, trapping my leg between him and the fence and waiting. I am still unsure what we were waiting for? but a few people on the ground kindly convinced him to release me and we left with huge smiles and a funny story to pass on.

It is Finley again I have to thank for my Sports and Remedial Massage qualification and my Equine Veterinary Thermography. After starting to become intermittently lame I sought professional help. I was left feeling a little disheartened after said professional described him as 'a perfect specimen with no issues'. The struggle to find someone available for a second opinion became unbearable so I decided to look into training and courses, initially just to help Finley. After starting the course I became fascinated! I studied hard, I worked hard and I learnt invaluable information which has completely changed my view on horses, this is the information I wish to share with others.

When we moved to our yard I realised I had developed a real passion for breaking and schooling horses, and it is this passion, experience and education I now use to help horses, owners and buyers to get the most out of this wonderful sport.

This industry fills me with happiness, it also breaks my bones and wears me down mentally sometimes. I hope to share all of it with you, the good, the bad and the ugly with the intention of providing support, motivation and maybe a bit of entertainment.

'till the next time.

Lauren x

rearing horse little glengyre
Full of challenges and attitude ....

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